Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Air-Cond Saga Done...

It was just exactly a month later after I pump-in refrigerant after no-cold aircond as per explained in previous posts, and the air-cond started to acted up back. Luckily, it happened while I am at home, so I can just go to my favourite air-cond man rather than the air-cond guy near my campus.

I told the air-cond man that it was just 1 month time before all gas leaked out. He asked if I have something 'smelly' from the air-cond vent, the answer is NO. If there was some 'smelly' stuff, it may indicate that the cooling coil have leakages. However he insisted that this Volvo 240 cooling coil rarely leaks, but due to old age, nothing is impossible.

He and his assistant proceed to conduct some sort of compression test by putting gas on the system. They read from the pressure gauge that there was a leak. Theay used some soapy foam, apply them all over the hoses to find the leakage but to no avail. The air-cond man then decided to just run the compression test on the compressor only. Confirmed! Compressor got leakages. He recommended me to overhaul the compressor, change all seals, gaskets, and o-rings. They did it in about 2 hours and everything settled.

The main symptom of leaking compressor is that you can always see oil on the magnetic clutch area, and also some oil residue in the engine bay nearby the compressor. Actually this is a recond-unit compressor which I just changed slightly about a year ago, and I know now that the compressor supplied to me is not that good. However, am happy with the air-cond system now! :))

p/s - this is not my real compressor..ehehehhe...

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

My Steering/Front Tyres Chattering While Braking At High Speed

OK, the symptom is simple and could mislead to other problem. The main symptom is when the car is moving at high speed, range from 70km/h and above, and sudden brake is needed, the steering wheel chatters. It was obviously felt that front tyres vibrate vigorously. Brought the car to a mechanic, he test drive the car and insist if nothing is wrong with the brake lines, or anything of the front tyres, then it may be the brake disc itself. However upon checking, he jacked up the car and we found out that the front tyre have some freeplay (when you try to push in and out at the same time, show loseness). Then he suspected it was the tie-rod assembly, both sides. The tie rod assembly is covered under the black protection boot. See figures below. Got them changed, and test drive, YAHOO!! Solved. The logic behind this troubleshooting is that, the other end of the rod is connected to the tyres while the other part (with bearings) connected to the main rod. When we brake, the other end will have to stop while the other end have numerous freeplay that enable it to move vigourously due to the braking force/shock. And remember that an alignment work is needed after tie rod works done.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

S40 Test Drive

First of all, in this blog I just want to briefly share my S40 test drive experience. Just to be short and precise. What did I think of S40??

1-In cabin noise in obvious, even my 240 have less noise. This is not a joke. I posted this on a Volvo Club Forum and one of the S40 owner told me that it was because of the factory fitted tyres. He just changed it into another brand and happy with it!

2-Power and responsiveness was great. I love to use the 'Manual MODE' of the shiftronic transmission. Yeah, logic!

3-Ergonomically perfect. This is the most important feature I'll look around with new cars.

4-Handling? I am not sure, but I somehow rather feel that 240 grip the road firmer, 240 have more solid handling though, not to be biased! Maybe S40 is a FWD, while 240 is a RWD with 'live rear axle', maybe...

5-If i got that amount of money, will I buy S40?? At this point of time, maybe NOT. I think better get a Honda Accord or Toyota Camry brand new for cheaper price, not bad performance, comfort also, and the most important part in my judgement is they are bigger than S40...eheheheh....

All in all I think S40 is not for luxuriness, but for sportiness! Good Day :)

Monday, November 06, 2006

Top-Up Aircond Gas

I got my aircond gas top-up by a local aircond shop. Reason being is just that it started to feel warm. I recalled that my last service was done on March this year, so its just about eight month of usage. I told the aircond man and suggest that there might be leaks anywhere. Then he told me that if in any case there is a leak; which take almost eight month to diminish the gas, the leak must be a very small leak and no point of him tracing it down as it will be very tiny and difficult to trace. Thus he suggest that we top-up the gas first, and if the gas reduces significantly, then the hunt begins! Paid RM20 for gas top-up...Update later.

p/s - Thanks Mr Fadli for the great photos!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Two million miles in a Volvo P1800

In 1998, The Guinness Book of World Records honoured Irv Gordon's Volvo P1800 as the vehicle with the "the highest certified mileage driven by the original owner in non-commercial service". Today, Gordon is breaking his own world record every time he drives his celebrated car.

"Of the 260 million vehicles on the road in the United States, only a handful have accumulated one million miles, and until now, none have made it to two million," said Dan Werbin, president and chief executive officer for Volvo Cars of North America. "We like to say that 'there are cars, and then there are Volvos,' but there is more involved here than the wisdom of our engineers in developing a car that could last so long and travel so far. Irv's meticulous care of his Volvo over the years has played a significant role.'

Ten Tips To Help Make Your Car Last Two Million Miles – by Irv Gordon

1. Start with a car you like.
2. Change your oil and filter regularly.
3. Use factory equipment parts.
4. Use one brand of oil.
5. Spend a few minutes a week checking under the hood.
6. Wash your car regularly.
7. Wax at least twice a year.
8. Develop a good working relationship with your dealer and mechanic.
9. Use gasoline from a high volume station.
10. When your car makes a funny noise, listen to it.

p/s - this post was adapted from VCC Malaysia website.

Oil Pressure Sensor Wire Kaput ??

Oil Pressure light went off?? Do not panic. Me and my friend who drives the same 240 faced exactly the same issue past months. First, I thought the bulb itself has blown. But because of time constraint, I just left it like that. Though I know that the oil pressure warning light is important because anything can just happen to your oil engine, be it massive leaking whatsoever. Upon checking around the oil pressure sensor (just beside your oil filter), found out the connecting wires went kaput. It can be obviously seen it was oxidized and getting cut by itslef through time. Simple solution; took it to an auto electrician and connect it back. SIMPLE! The warning light comes back and now I am happy :)

Just for interest, I put here the picture of the oil pressure sensor, yeah it is a simple sensor I think.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

When Its Gone

OK guys, no car for almost three weeks now. Nice man. Sometimes we have to learn about hardships by experiencing it. We can always symphatise on poor or disabled individuals. I was lucky to experienced the hardship; no money, no car, walk all along under the hot sun, less food, in hunger. Oh Allah, its nice man, really. Try it! Hopefully next week I will drive back the car.

p/s - my dad driving it now..... the below pix was during my very first meet up with Mark1 of VOCM, yeah he drives a B230K also :)

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Transmission Calculator - Z Design Studio

Transmission Calculator! Yeah, this is a very good tool. I used this online calculator to check out what is the maximum speed at certain rpm this car (or any other car can go). It is very simple. Key in the gear ratios, and rear differential ration. Key in also your tyre size and the desired rpm. A graph will be plotted. From this graph, one can obtained how mph the car could get in corresponding rpm. Log in to this site -->

From, I obtained full specifications for this 1989 240. The gearbox used for this model is the M47 II (manual transmission) with following gear ratios;

1st gear 4.03:1
2nd gear 2.16:1
3rd gear 1.37:1
4th gear 1.00:1
5th gear 0.82:1
Reverse 3.68:1
Rear axle reduction ratio: 3.31:1

I just put up all the above values, plus the tyre size of 185/70/14, and;
rpm of 4000 rpm, the max speed calculated at 5th gear is 106mph or 170.6kmh,
rpm of 4500 rpm, the max speed calculated at 5th gear is 119mph or 191.5kmh.

The question is how accurate this calculation will be? Yeah, I am pretty sure this car is able to reach that given that at 3500 to about 3800rpm, it can reach up to 150 to 160 kmh. There are so many lagging factor which contribute to some reduction from those calculated values. It may include the wind drag, engine wear and tear, tyres condition, suspension system and so on so forth. But its good to know that 240 can run that speed :)

Monday, September 04, 2006


Hi guys! Its sad to tell that my hard disk crashed, all VOLVO related pictures, videos, even some pdf documents gone, just like that. OK, for this post, I am going to enlighten on battery terminal placement issue. Tribute goes to Mr Mark for enlightening me on this.

VOLVO 240 originally comes with DIN type of battery. This type of battery basically have lower height of terminals, therefore the chances of getting them short is very low. For this matter also, please take note that the terminal allocation for DIN battery is that, the negative terminal will be beside the fender wall while the positive terminal be beside the air filter box. The main reason between this is that to ensure that if accident occurs, and the fender wall dented into the engine compartment, and hit the battery, they do not shorted because of common ground points between the firewall itself and the negative terminal of the battery. (NOTE:Car body act as ground).

However, the popular NS battery (I have been using now) have reverse polarity allocation of the terminals. This is dangerous as if accident occurs, the fender might get in contact with the positive terminals and they will get SHORTED! This will then produce sparks and some sort of fire likely will occur. Again this is VERY DANGEROUS! Yeah, I am warning myself and you all. As the battery was new, very new, I am planning to cover the terminals and hope for the best. So guys, give extra attention when you change your next battery. GOOD DAY :)

Monday, August 21, 2006

First time ever TREASURE HUNTING :)

Treasure Hunt experience. This is the first time ever I drive this car into a Treasure Hunt. The most scary part was to put stickers on it. It was hard to get convinced that the sticker could be peeled off easily. YES, IT DID!! ALHAMDULILLAH. In this Treasure Hunt organised by the ConvoFair committe of my university; we create an ally of 4 cars. Yeah, my car is the only non-Malaysian car, the most heavy car, the oldest car in the clan. What is the advantage of driving this car in hunt?? The turning radius!! U-turn here & there is a no no problem at all, swing! My car did not win. However 3 others got fourth, third, and second place. Yeah, they took us as an ally, so they kindfully share the prizes. Thanks guys.

This car managed to going up and down hill, tested in sharp corners on country roads. Yeah, great. Total distance travelled is nearly 300km. From UTP, Tronoh, the hunt ended in Taiping. Then we proceed to Bukit Larut for 'express' vacation. Small hiking there, and have fun at the waterfall. Then, going back to UTP. It was about 12 hours of driving, oh man, its tiring my eyes. Conclusively, its fun :)

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

VOLVO's Oil Filter Piracy :(

To indicate whether the oil filter is original or not is not that difficult, though they are tricky. One can only be very sure of whether the oil filter installed is genuine part or not only after they start the engine, obviously if the oil filter is not the genuine one; NO CHOICE!!

Locally, in Malaysia, I have found few types of oil filters being sold;

  • Genuine VOLVO oil filter. The price of this filter may vary from RM25 and above. To recognize this filter is simple, it was labelled with VOLVO logo and some instructions, in DARK BLUE color! Again, to really sure, after installation, the oil pressure warning light will get off immediately after starting. This is because this genuine oil filter is fitted with oil pressure check valve that will maintain the oil pressure (so the light will not turn on).
  • MADE IN MALAYSIA, FAKED! This oil filter look pretty same as the original filter. It have VOLVO logo and the same printed instructions on it, but the text is FADED & in LIGHT BLUE color. Using this filter, the oil pressure warning light will remain on the dash for a few seconds after the engine started. This filter may priced between RM16-RM17.
  • MANN brand oil filter. This may be an alternative for original VOLVO filters. It may cost around RM20.
  • Japan branded! This is the cheapest oil filter I have ever found claimed to suit VOLVOs. I have been offered RM7 only for this filter. Dare not to use it.

Why using original oil filter is very crucial? Did you realized that for 240, using mineral engine oil, the service interval is 10,000km! I have contacted Federal Auto, they confirmed this. Even until now, they keep the 10,000km service interval for 240s using mineral or semi-synthetic engine oil. This is where original oil filter play its role, good filtering! I have once used the MADE IN MALAYSIA filter, its just 5000km and the engine oil was so nice dark! And from then, I not dare to use any other brand of oil filter besides genuine one. GOOD LUCK!!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Mineral to Semi Synthetic.....

The 240 just get engine oil changed. We have decided to migrate from mineral based oil to semi-synthethis engine oil. For this service, I have to be independent; source out parts by myself and send for an independent mechanic to carry out the job.

I got oil filters from Ecco Trading Ipoh (VOLVO parts dealer). I also got washers for engine oil cap and drain plug from them. The engine oil used is the PETRONAS Syntium 800 Semi Synthethic 15W-50. We decided to stick on this brand for coming services. So from now on, I expect oil change to be done every 10,000km, meaning that only twice a year!!

Saturday, July 29, 2006


Starting from last week these lights keep blinking.. They light up dimly, not so bright. If you did not really see them, you may not notice them. Upon rev up, those lights will slowly goes off. The lights are;

Then last night, I notice from car charging condition LEDs that I installed to 12V cigarette socket show no charging activity. Those LEDs was very useful since this model doesn't equipped with in-dash voltmeter. The car survived the journey, accesories started to dim off and wiper motor slowed down remarkably. Upon parking, the car dies, cannot restart again. To my wonder, with 10V showed on multimeter this morning, I managed to get it started. Drive to the nearest auto electrical shop and diagnosed with faulty voltage regulator. Changed it and there it is, the battery got charged again!!


For a few weeks, nearly month I noticed that my fuel consumption started to rise up. Petrol fume also can be obviously smelt somewhere around the carburetter. Until one day I notice that there was a leakage at one of the 'square shape mini pump' of the Solex Carburetor. Upon referring to Haynes Manual, it was called as Fuel Pump, refer to the exploded diagram, the whole unit assembly is labelled from no. 72, 73, 74, 75, 76. Obviously, upon rev up, petrol clearly seen to seep out through this mini petrol pump.

I did survey few workshop for this 'critical mission'. I was shocked when told that I have to skim the carburetor base. They claimed that the carburetor might have warped, thats why leakages happened. Lastly I when to see the late mechanic's assistant. He suggested it might be only seals or gaskets or maybe diaphragms. I love simple ideas, so I went to him.

The square pump secured by 4 flat screw. Upon unscrew of all this 4 screw, the assembly will then exposed the assembly. We found out that the diaphragm had worn out. Test with engine oil; pour it into the diaphragm and see if leaks occurs. The diaphragm is labelled as 73, but it comes in one package, both 73 and 74. Bought it from Yonit, local VOLVO and SCANIA parts dealer for RM145 for both diaphragm and the spring. Change it and refit the whole assembly back, very simple work. No special expertise needed for this job I guess.

The accelerator get powerful back now, no petrol leaks, no losses. Tested on highway, owh, to get below 130km/h even with light footed acceleration is not that easy. :)

*FYI Solex Carburetor have 3 diaphragms in total.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Relax, entertain yourselves :)

Hi guys. It have been a while wihout new posts here. A lot of incidents happened around my life. With the death of our mechanic, the episode of sadness covered up my mind when my uncle (who share the same passionate and own a 240SE) passed away too. So whats new?? I just installed back the headlamp wiper!! Yeah, now almost back to original... Actually, this postings is just to give us some break; and entertainment?! Enjoy the song, from my beloved bird.... :))


Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Up & Down

The car is ready for sale, sometime soon. Reading through this blog, you may judge what is our main reason of selling this lovely car. My dad announced that he cannot keep the car anymore; as the mechanic passed away. We just do not trust any other mechanic to 'touch' this car. Rather than seeing it dying, to sell off (preference is to enthusiats) may be a better solution. If anyone felt interestes in this car, just put your price in the comments column.

We have almost all service records from 1989 up until now. From 1989 to 1996, this car was serviced by VOLVO Authorised Service Center, Federal Auto. Then 1996 up to 2006, we send the car to the late Mr KC Ng, ex-Federal Auto man. Service book stamped by service center, and receipts of repair works done is still well kept; for reference.

Water getting inside cabin issues, settled! Odometer fixed! New glove box! Most of bushes changed, new bushes needed for antiroll bar. The engine, and hydraulic pumps are still excellent. May need top-overhaul few thousands later as it never been top-overhauled. Minimal rusts on the body, for perfection respraying will help. Normal wear & tear only; oil seals, gaskets, carburetter adjustments.

So, how much should this car priced??

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

the emotional part..... :(

Our regular mechanic, Mr Ng Kok Chai or also known as KC Ng is suffering from liver disease, jaundice; for about 2 months already. He was admitted to Sri Kota Medical Center, then transferred to Subang Jaya Medical Center, and finally now at University Hospital. He got the first alarm when he did his blood test at a clinic, and they found out that his blood got contaminated. He then advised to go to hospital for further clarification. It was at SJMC, where he was confirmed having infections in liver, and he had a weak liver, which make it worse. He told me, the cost for 4 days stay at SJMC was already RM11,000; which is a good reason for him to transfer to UH.

Yesterday, I went to visit him, during my lunch hours. Oh ALLAH!! He is a different man!! His face is so thin, but he is still himself, he still can recognize me, have a normal chit chat, although the pronounciation was not that clear. He had difficulties walking (when he wanted to go to the toilet). His hands shakes vigorously at the moment he want to drink. I was touched, to see a fit and healthy man, turned out to be a weak man. He is only 48 years old, but yesterday he was like a 70 years old man. I wish I can snap some photos, but it might not be a proper thing to do when visiting sick peoples; as if you want to save the 'last' pictures. Then I know, either we have to find out a new good mechanic; which is not easy, or sell the car; which is easier!! Switching to other mechanic after 10 years with him will not be easy.

Another sad part; last Saturday, I went to his workshop for regular oil change. No choice, its due already. His assistant is taking over the business now. For normal service, he can do the job. For major repairs, he also can do the job. But he got experiences, no theoretical knowledge; which i can pretty much say that for diagnostics, he is not the man. He do not have the speciality as Mr KC has. The nice and neat workshop became messy already. KC's neat and nice table, where he reads The Star and write bills, now loaded with parts already. What a sad story. Labor charges also increased, from RM8 to RM10. The 'warmness' is not there anymore.

Anyhow, I still wish him for a speed recovery.

Friday, May 26, 2006

USB in the 240 LIVE!!

Hi all... Just want to share an information. I have bought an MP3 FM TRANSMITTER, with 2 INPUTS; USB & LINE IN , and 2 OUTPUTS; FM & LINE OUT... Bought it last weekend at Pineapple Computers, TESCO Shah Alam for RM80 (not branded laaa, build quality is cheap one), the unit transmit well, but did not play the song well, the nicely transmitted song jerks, jumps, and scratches. Yesterday I went to the same shop and asked for replacement. Yahoo!!! The replacement unit works fine.

The principle is very simple. The unit got powered from the round 12V power supply output socket (cigarette, on the center dash console). Thus, this unit can be used for all cars (and lorries too??). It came with a small antenna wire, to enhance the transmission. Fortunately, the 240 Pioneer stereo system utilize the stock BOSCH in-cabin antenna. The antenna is a small round shaped, attached to the windscreen. As the antenna and its' wiring is INSIDE the car, I do not need to attach the small antenna provided. And the quality is GREAT!!! Its just like you are listening to a digital radio station like ERA. You can notice the difference between digital and analog radio stations, for example try to compare UFM, SelangorFM, with ERA; you will know.

Now, just plug in a USB pen drive, and the songs come out!!! No more wiring hassles, no need to burn CD and all that. Next target is to get a 1GB small size pen drive, and my music store will be on the roadways :)

This picture illustrate the working principle of the FM transmitter...

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

My First Hit :)

Last Friday night, I accidentally hit my neighbour's car. OMG!! I reverse reverse and reverse until I felt that I hit something, but not that hard, just 'soft hit'. I take a glance at my left side mirror, oooOOOooo, I hit my neighbour's Proton Wira rear door!! I am panic!! I went out the car and told him... Fortunately he is a good uncle. He did not blame me or get angry with me, he laugh at me!! And he said "Never mind, never mind, small dent only"... But still thinking of paying him some amount of money although he did not want it. Consequently, I was thinking of reverse sensor for few days, then...'no need laa...' :)

And another story of our regular mechanic, he felt sick for 2 months now. He suffers jaundice, admitted to hospital, and now back to home. Its just he is not ready for work. Waiting and waiting and waiting for his recovery, so that we can happily get him to diagnose all the vibrations problem we had.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

survived thunderstorm....

Thank GOD. Yesterday I parked the car outside the house, in the middle of the road, facing heavy rains with thunderstorm. This morning I checked the carpet. WELL DONE!!! No more pool of water. Just some moisture, I beleive the ones left inside the carpet by previous leakages. I am going to observe for few weeks more before decided to go to the next stage; welding, busting off rusts, and touchup paintings.

fix pixs (cont.)

i vacuum any dirts and water residue around leakage area first...
and start to apply silicone sealant..of you got the gun type is better!!

use ice-cream stick to spread out the sealant nicely...REMEMBER TO SOAK IN SOAPY WATER FIRST!!!

make sure everything is clean!! please cover up your windscreen first!! see i am struggling to clean up silicone residues from the screen!!

fix pixs...

see how much water gets in...
after strip off...
the leakage area...
leakage occurs around this damn clip!!

what i used~~

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


OK guys, I went to venture the solution myself. As suggested by my dad earlier, we might be able to seal the windscreen with silicone sealant. Last Saturday, this is really an unplanned work!! DO NOT DO UNPLANNED THINGS!! I initially planned to visit my mechanic that morning for long shaft and some brake works, unfortunately he was not feeling well. After finished up house chores, do not know what to do, with itchy hands, I dismantle the windscreen moulding, broke down few clips!! My intention was just to see how the windscreen being attached to the car. It was so simple, the windscreen just 'placed by glue', no holder whatsoever. I am now very confident with my mechanic, it won't break while detachment. Because the windscreen is some sort of floating on a layer of rubber seal and another layer of black epoxy cream. Also note that clips of the moulding are attached on the windscreen!!

I then pour out water from garden hose, got my brother to capture images of leakages. Oh ALLAH!! The leakage was soooo bad. I came to note that the leak area was around a clip. As there was a clip, so I don't think it is wise to seal from outside (mean to seal the clip together?? or seal without clip??). Thus I decided to seal it from inside. I detached the side black plastic pillar cover, stripped off some portion of rubber seals along top of the dash, and have 'clear & comfort' working space. I took a tube of Black RTV Silicone Sealant, ice-cream stick, and some soapy water. I started to patch them up slowly, use the ice-cream stick to spread the silicone evenly and to ensure they are neat. SIGH!! BEFORE YOU TOUCH THE SILICONE SEALANT, PLEASE TIP OFF YOUR HANDS (OR YOUR ICE CREAM STICK) WITH THE SOAPY WATER, THEN IT WON'T STICK ON THE SILICONE.

I have to admit, I am a beginner!! This is my second time handling silicone sealant. The first one is when I tried to seal the side lamp; A COMPLETE FAILURE!! This time, got it better :) Please make sure do not mess up with your windscreen. I mess it up with some silicone residues, it was a hardwork to clean them off!! I suggest you might want to cover your windscreen with maskin tape and plastic bags or newspaper.

And on Monday, I washed the car. Spray back with garden hose to check for leakages. Thanks GOD, it was GOOD!! No more drippings, not a single. However I still can see bubbles. Never mind. Will check it later. Pictures will be posted later, I am too busy lately with so many works :)

Friday, April 28, 2006


Monday, April 24, 2006

Yeah, finally got the front tyre changed!! The 'soft' Cood Year NCT5 transferred to the rear side. And the all new Silverstone Kruizer take over the steering now. Reason being is; we have been using Silverstone for many years, Silverstone Firefox to be exact. Yeah most mechanics hate Silverstone. Yups, Silverstone produced hard tyres, which are not comfortable on normal roads with potholes. On highways?? It sound terribly, the tyres are loud!! Silverstone Firefox also produced more vibrations and freak sounds as it ages.

That was then the reason for a change to Good Year NCT5, as recommended by most mechanics. Undeniable, with extra cost (Silverstone is cheaper) the NCT5 provide 'comfort mode'. Very soft, shock absorbing tyres, handles potholes very well, also very little noise on highways..BUT it did not handles the car well...especially when I have to take sharp corners. This may be because of the sidewall characteristic. Silverstone have more 'hard' sidewall compared to NCT5. It was so soft to handle potholes, unfortunately cannot handle sharp corners. We made a decision, switch back to Silverstone. To be able to handle sharp corners is more important for us rather than having comfortable tyres.

I always got 'qok qok...quek quek' sound from rear side of the car (fitted with Silverstone Firefox then) in the morning. My mechanic checked all bushes and he said everything is OK. He suspected the Siverstone is the culprit. True enough!! This morning, no more sound!!

The all new Silverstone Kruizer diminished the Firefox, comes out with great features. It comes with Noise Suppression Technology (NST), sinusoidal tread pattern and etc.. It cost me RM165 per tyre (for 185/70/R14).. All in all plus alignment, four wheel balancing, new air valves, it cost me RM371. Looking forward for a cruise and I will update on the tyre's performance.

Friday, April 21, 2006

This morning, I woke up very early in the morning, around 5.15am if not mistaken. I have to drive my dad to the Malaysia new Low Cost Carrier Terminal, Sepang. This is his very first time travelling with Air Asia, in fact he just have to go to Johor only. He sponsored additional RM50 for petrol; WOW! Thats too much because I just filled up RM30 last evening. It has been a while for the 240 not cruising on highways.

On the way, we discussed the 'windshield leakage' problem. He was very sure that if we try to detach the windshield, it will break!! As the car counts 17 years old this September from the delivery date back in September 1989, we are very sure that the epoxy used to attach the windshield was a super duper one. Even seeing new cars with cracked windshield; when they try to detach fractions on the epoxy, they will just use hammer!! Then you know how hard the epoxy was. So he suggested, why not we try to seal it from outside. Yeah, it is logical, cause if the outer part can be sealed, then no worries anymore. The inner part will not be affected. I will ask shops for this.. And from my readings, research on Google, there are some serious warnings about windshiled works. If in case the windshiled is not properly attached with super duper epoxy, in any event of accident, there are huge potential that the windscreen might fall apart from the car..Thats cool man, it will kill anybody easily!!!

Arrived at LCC Terminal around 7.00am, WOW!! The terminal is great!! Whoever never see planes, you can go there. You can see planes from short distance, even see the take offs and landings. The terminal also great. Got McD and all that. Classy look terminal. Not as bad as what I imagine from stories of Firan and Boy :) For me it is just more than enough for budget airlines usage. CONGRATULATIONS AIR ASIA!!!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Last Tuesday I rushed home after work hours ended at 5.30pm. I go straight to the car spray workshop, who did respray the exterior of the car back in 1998. I went and explained to him my case; got leakages on windshield seals, got rusted floorboard, also need some touchup. He frankly said he is not 'brave enough' to detach and reseal the windscreen as there are high chance that the windshield will broke (and he really afraid of that). But he said he can do welding works, busting the rusts, and touchup the car.

Touchup some dents, respray bumpers, will roughly costs over RM500. For the rusted floorboard, he insists to strip the carpet first to see how much area was really eaten by the rust; before he can give quotation. Then he made another offer...RM1800 for respray the whole exterior including bumpers + welding works..Thats great!! And the last offer he made was RM3000 for all interior & exterior; and get your color changed!!

After all he insists I go for the windshield repair first before sending the car to him to bust off the rusts. Yup, there is no use if the windshield still leaks, then water will still continue coming in and new rust will be formed...

I will update soon...

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


This morning, the car driver's floorboard is really really wet. I cannot imagine what had happened to the floorboard. What I can imagine now is that the noise damper sponge under the carpet will surely started to deterioriated. And sooner or later, if I am not fast enough, the same thing will occur as what happened on driver's side floor board; RUSTED!! I am targetting this week to send the car for whole body restoration. To welding back the floorboard, to seal the windshield tightly (which is the root of this so heavy flood), repair dents and some paint touch-ups... I want to strip off the carpet and see myself with my naked eyes, what had happened to the floorboard after 17 years of service; and of course make necessary repairs if needed. I will update those works soon. Watch out!!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Vehicle Repair Log 2005
Last modified: 16th November 2005
Next Timing Belt Change: 320000km / 2008
Next Service: 263000km
Year: 1989
Make: Volvo
Model: 240 GL
Vehicle ID No. (VIN): YV1244833K5-379045

Description of Work
Shop Name
Labor Cost
Receipt No
Total Cost

240035km Service, Change; Engine Oil, Oil Filter
KC Ng Auto Service & Repair

Change; Coil Spring Hose LHS & RHS
KC Ng Auto Service & Repair

252075km Service, Change; Engine Oil, Oil Filter, Plugs, 4pcs Brake Pads, 1pc LHS Ball Joint, 1pc LHS Caliper Pin
KC Ng Auto Service & Repair
All bushes inspected and OK, Center long-shaft mounting found faulty but still can use, All suspension and undercarriage bolts retightened, Hot-start problem solved by adjusting carburetter & choke setting (engine tuned)

Readjusted Front Wheel Bearings, Change; Long Shaft Rubber Mounting
KC Ng Auto Service & Repair
He installed the new rubber, there comes a very little vibration from the long shaft when in 30-40 km/h - Readjusted wheel bearings solve squeaks and uneasy handling

Change; 2pcs Good Year NCT5 tyres + 2pcs Valve + Alignment + Balancing
KYM Power Speed
Veteran Mech Biasa
Change front tyres, RHS old tyre replace spare tyre, did alignment & four wheel balancing

Change; Spark Plug Cables 5pcs HOTSHOT Australian Made (YELLOW)
Batu Gajah Spare Part
Ahmad Zhafri
Changed 4 cables, the coil cable are different

257075km Service, Change; Engine Oil, Oil Filter, 1pc AC Fuel Pump+Gaskets(Pierburg Original)
KC Ng Auto Service & Repair
Changed AC Fuel Pump (RM275) due to excessive leakage, Carburetter's diaphragm said to have some leaks, Ng retighten/adjusted diaphragm and carburetter fittings

Change; Pneumatic Vacuum Hose + 1 set Bosch W7DC Plugs + Pioneer Stereo 6A Fuse
Pneumatic Shop Jln Bendahara + Ecco Trading Ipoh + Hardware Shop Sect18
Ahmad Zhafri
Tangan gatal, pergi bukak plugs, then one plug jatuh, damn!! That plug broke (air gap melekat) / On the way balik SA, suddenly Pioneer on off intermittenly and dies off, found out that connection of 6A Fuse underneath carpet get corroded, the fuse itself broken

Change; OEM Pickup Timing Sensor
KC Ng Auto Service & Repair
Insulation of the faulty unit exposed, less pickup, notice very good pickup after change

Year End Tolerance (left some behind such as aircond blower motor replacement, forgot how much)

Total repair expenses:

-----------> people always ask me; 'doesn't it is expensive to maintain this car??' above is DATALOG for my service record for year 2005. Read the datalog and do your own judgement, because to say it is expensive or no is abstract. Some people find the price is affordable, others may find it was expensive and another level of people may find it cheap fro exactly the same price. Ponder upon this. All in all we have spent around RM2265.50 last year on the car, including changing tyres; which make the figures up. You might want to read it slowly to understand how the DATALOG being arranged :)

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Da Pixs!!

Upon request, I uploaded some of the pictures of the 240. Yeah!! This is how beautiful my dad's sweet heart. Remember the first Monday I took this car from him; he called me very early in the morning, "Assalamualaikum, hi, how are you?? Everything is fine?? I am driving, on the way to office, just call to say HI".....I started to think why he act weirdly, he never called me before. Then he continued the conversation, "The car (VOLVO) is OK?? No problem??" I got it, he called me because he missed the car; for a week he keep updating on the car in the morning. Then for months he keep asking about the car now and then. Come, enjoy what my dad enjoys.

This picture taken on 2003. Nothing changed except for steering, now have to put on plain black steering cover. The original steering started to crack, hot!!

The engine bay. Also took on 2003. Some changes occured. Have changed new plug wires to OEM Bougicord (RM150 for 6 wires) and the expansion tank (RM120 ORIGINAL).

This is latest engine bay picture during recent aircond service. With new black plug wires, new plug wires holder (RM7). New battery, AAM with free delivery on Hari Raya Aidil Adha (RM160).

Posing outside the house :)

Suffering from the high petrol price!! No just kidding, this picture taken just after it got started. Add 100,000km to the one you read on board. I managed to repair the ODOMETER only after 5 years of disfunction. So promotion, anyone have ODOMETER problem just contact me, I may guide you. Regret I did not take any pictures when I got them fixed.


Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Extracted from REUTERS

By Stephanie Nebehay

GENEVA (Reuters) - IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad, ranked 4th richest man in the world, drives a 15-year-old car and always flies economy class, in part to inspire his 90,000 employees worldwide to see the virtue of frugality.

The billionaire Swede, who turns 80 on March 30, explained his legendary habits during a rare television interview in Switzerland, his adoptive home for nearly 30 years.

His fortune was recently estimated at $28 billion by Forbes magazine -- trailing only Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, U.S. investor Warren Buffett and Mexican industrialist Carlos Slim.

"People say I am cheap and I don't mind if they do. But I am very proud to follow the rules of our company," Kamprad told French-language Swiss Broadcasting Corporation.
Asked to confirm he drove an old Volvo, he said: "She is nearly new, just 15 years old, or something like that."

Interviewer Darius Rochebin teased that Ikea employees were always told to write on both sides of the paper.

"Why not? If there is such a thing as good leadership, it is to give a good example. I have to do so for all the Ikea employees," Kamprad retorted. "Everything we earn we need as a reserve. We have to still develop the IKEA group. We need many billions of Swiss francs (dollars) to take on China or Russia," he added.

Ikea is the world's biggest furniture retailer, with 202 stores in 32 countries.
Known for its inexpensive self-assembly furniture, the family-owned business claims its hefty catalog is the most widely read publication after the Bible.

I searched the Googles and good to know he rides on 240!!!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


This is my fuel consumption, recorded last week. This might not be accurate because I just took it once, should repeat few times and take average. But its OK, just for rough idea.

I filled in with ESSO brand petrol, alongside Federal Highway Shah Alam;

Initial odometer reading : 264587km
Final odometer reading : 264667km
Distance travelled : 80km

I filled up RM20, with current petrol price RM1.92 per litre;

RM1.92 = 1 litre
RM20 = 10.416667 litre

Therefore my km/l will be;

10.46667 litre = 80km
1 litre = 7.68km
thus, 7.68km/l

My cent/km;

80km = RM20
1km = RM0.25
thus, RM0.25/km

These readings obtained from 'light footed' style of driving, morning, evening, and night drive, mostly in jams and slow traffic (going to and back from work). Seldom touch 110km/h or 3000rpm, mostly 2500rpm and below. I think it is OK. No need to worry :)

Monday, March 27, 2006

When it get wet.... for years, we suffer from water pouring off from the aircond linkages behind the center dash; again FOR YEARS!! I tried so many air-cond shops, and their answers are; "your air-cond is just too cold", thats why the hoses condensate, maybe. Until one last visit to Ah Ming, Sri Muda (tribute to him) recently, he adviced for complete servicing and cleaning of the cooling coil, and also the a/c drain hose.

Initially I am a bit worried of his capability; is he familiar enough with VOLVOs as they deal mostly with local and Japan made cars. And throughout the work, I know he can do it, he know his stuffs well. Upon dismantle the cooling coil, you can expect a problem from a bunch of wires that located just next to the coil. This is quite a challenge, to slowly bring out the cooling coil, without damaging the wires; and this took most of the time!!

Upon cleaning and all that, everything was fine, no leakages nor clogs. Everything assembled properly back. He checked the drain hose, yeah got crack on the nipple that goes to the chassis. He took one straight hose, tape it together; a creative work. AND NO MORE WATER!!!

After few weeks, I noticed water started to come back. Know what?? I took out the rubber mats, replace with newspaper only. Then I can clearly see where is the water came from. I am surprised!! My windscreen!! It leaks!! For both sides!! For driver's and passenger's side :(

What more?? It RUSTING THE FLOOR BOARD!! OMG.... speechless when I saw the rust under the car. Yeah, thats mean a big project is on the way!!! Next tough job is to 'seal' everything in the car, make it totally DRY is my next mission.
How do I celebrate life; for 3 years NOW!!

Here comes a story of me, myself. I have low back pain problems for years. I was diagnosed with prolapsed disc on L5 and S1 (for those who have spine problems will surely understand L5 and S1). As this is not a medical class, so no explanation on spine itself :). Find it from Google, easy.

I have difficult time driving on my dad's car, my back will start to complain every time I drive the car. Wonderful enough, I found that 240's seat is very comfortable and supportive. Sometimes, I even jump into the car when my back hurts. And it healed!!

During weekends, after morning prayer, I love to sit down on the seat, sometimes even got slept on it; soundly. Then I started my research on 240 seats, why they can suit me while others can't. I found out that during the design process, VOLVO man and medical practitioners worked together for the seat; or for me!! Enjoy the seat :)

Sunday, March 26, 2006

LAMAN WEB VOLVO MALAYSIA dengan ini ditutup dengan rasminya. Implementasinya nampak kurang praktikal lagi buat masa ini. Saya mengambil keputusan menggantikannya dengan cara blog, blog pengalaman sebenar sendiri. Atas kelemahan saya mengemaskini LWVM, adalah lebih baik jika blog digunakan. Saya cadangkan tuan-tuan menyertai VOLVO OWNERS CLUB MALAYSIA (VOCM) untuk menyatukan pengguna VOLVO di Malaysia.

Please be informed that LAMAN WEB VOLVO MALAYSIA will be off from now on. I came to a more practical way of giving out infos on VOLVO, especially 240 which I am interested on. The e-group is still ON. I would like to suggest that we used the VOLVO OWNERS CLUB MALAYSIA (VOCM) platform to discuss and find answers. Its great to continue LAMAN WEB VOLVO MALAYSIA through blogging.

Lawat VOCM :

This blog is dedicated for 240 fans, owners, or drivers, as I will put my 'real-life' experience writings on this 240. Being a VOLVO driver; you will know that what a car is all about, nah I mean a REAL CAR. I never owned any car, nor a VOLVO, I just DRIVE one. The ultimate driving machine; the 1989 B230K VOLVO 240. It is a great honour for me to be able to drive this machine, honour that not all could get. THANKS ALLAH.

The car has been rolling around the family for 10 years now. Bought on 1996, a well maintained company car that went on an auction, we got it cheaper. The car came with great package; small dents, expired road tax, door bottom trim disappeared, no stereo, 'artistic' painting with scratches and abstract designs on it!! That was our first VOLVO in the family (in fact the only one unil now). Thus, it is quiet a challenge for my dad to find a 'true' VOLVO mechanic until one day, while queing in a traffic jam, he just saw a petrol station service bay with a lot of VOLVOs. Then was the time he met the ex-VOLVO man, Mr. Ng who serve the car until now. All in all, my dad work it out, installed PIONEER RADIO CASSETTE STEREO a year later, get it resprayed two years later. The most important is that we do not have problems on engine, good news :)

Aged 13 years on 2002, still rolling strongly. By that time, my dad decided to buy another car, a local Malaysian car. Not to mention the car, it was a good car though, level of silence is significantly better than 240, handling is quite good (cannot compare it with a VOLVO). Unfortunately, the quality is not that good. Accecories broke easily, and we enjoyed the frequent and long visits to service center :). The main objective of buying the new car is that to let 240 relax. But whatever happens, 240 wins!! The new car parked in the porsch, 240 being driven here and there, rolling tough.

And 2004, I am 20 years then. Studying in a large campus, I need transport to move. My dad suggested I took that car, hence he hardly drive the new car when 240 is home. Then, my journey as a 240 driver started. I felt the dark and bright side of driving a 240, the fun and joy moments, the hard times, the headache I have to face, unforgettable. This is my third year of driving it. Guess what?? I never think that a student with RM500 monthly pocket money could afford to drive this car. I solely depends on that RM500 for my life; books, foods, stationary, basic needs, petrols, tolls, VOLVO. Of course regular services and road tax borned by the owner, my beloved dad :)

And here, my blog START!!