Wednesday, May 31, 2006

the emotional part..... :(

Our regular mechanic, Mr Ng Kok Chai or also known as KC Ng is suffering from liver disease, jaundice; for about 2 months already. He was admitted to Sri Kota Medical Center, then transferred to Subang Jaya Medical Center, and finally now at University Hospital. He got the first alarm when he did his blood test at a clinic, and they found out that his blood got contaminated. He then advised to go to hospital for further clarification. It was at SJMC, where he was confirmed having infections in liver, and he had a weak liver, which make it worse. He told me, the cost for 4 days stay at SJMC was already RM11,000; which is a good reason for him to transfer to UH.

Yesterday, I went to visit him, during my lunch hours. Oh ALLAH!! He is a different man!! His face is so thin, but he is still himself, he still can recognize me, have a normal chit chat, although the pronounciation was not that clear. He had difficulties walking (when he wanted to go to the toilet). His hands shakes vigorously at the moment he want to drink. I was touched, to see a fit and healthy man, turned out to be a weak man. He is only 48 years old, but yesterday he was like a 70 years old man. I wish I can snap some photos, but it might not be a proper thing to do when visiting sick peoples; as if you want to save the 'last' pictures. Then I know, either we have to find out a new good mechanic; which is not easy, or sell the car; which is easier!! Switching to other mechanic after 10 years with him will not be easy.

Another sad part; last Saturday, I went to his workshop for regular oil change. No choice, its due already. His assistant is taking over the business now. For normal service, he can do the job. For major repairs, he also can do the job. But he got experiences, no theoretical knowledge; which i can pretty much say that for diagnostics, he is not the man. He do not have the speciality as Mr KC has. The nice and neat workshop became messy already. KC's neat and nice table, where he reads The Star and write bills, now loaded with parts already. What a sad story. Labor charges also increased, from RM8 to RM10. The 'warmness' is not there anymore.

Anyhow, I still wish him for a speed recovery.

Friday, May 26, 2006

USB in the 240 LIVE!!

Hi all... Just want to share an information. I have bought an MP3 FM TRANSMITTER, with 2 INPUTS; USB & LINE IN , and 2 OUTPUTS; FM & LINE OUT... Bought it last weekend at Pineapple Computers, TESCO Shah Alam for RM80 (not branded laaa, build quality is cheap one), the unit transmit well, but did not play the song well, the nicely transmitted song jerks, jumps, and scratches. Yesterday I went to the same shop and asked for replacement. Yahoo!!! The replacement unit works fine.

The principle is very simple. The unit got powered from the round 12V power supply output socket (cigarette, on the center dash console). Thus, this unit can be used for all cars (and lorries too??). It came with a small antenna wire, to enhance the transmission. Fortunately, the 240 Pioneer stereo system utilize the stock BOSCH in-cabin antenna. The antenna is a small round shaped, attached to the windscreen. As the antenna and its' wiring is INSIDE the car, I do not need to attach the small antenna provided. And the quality is GREAT!!! Its just like you are listening to a digital radio station like ERA. You can notice the difference between digital and analog radio stations, for example try to compare UFM, SelangorFM, with ERA; you will know.

Now, just plug in a USB pen drive, and the songs come out!!! No more wiring hassles, no need to burn CD and all that. Next target is to get a 1GB small size pen drive, and my music store will be on the roadways :)

This picture illustrate the working principle of the FM transmitter...

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

My First Hit :)

Last Friday night, I accidentally hit my neighbour's car. OMG!! I reverse reverse and reverse until I felt that I hit something, but not that hard, just 'soft hit'. I take a glance at my left side mirror, oooOOOooo, I hit my neighbour's Proton Wira rear door!! I am panic!! I went out the car and told him... Fortunately he is a good uncle. He did not blame me or get angry with me, he laugh at me!! And he said "Never mind, never mind, small dent only"... But still thinking of paying him some amount of money although he did not want it. Consequently, I was thinking of reverse sensor for few days, then...'no need laa...' :)

And another story of our regular mechanic, he felt sick for 2 months now. He suffers jaundice, admitted to hospital, and now back to home. Its just he is not ready for work. Waiting and waiting and waiting for his recovery, so that we can happily get him to diagnose all the vibrations problem we had.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

survived thunderstorm....

Thank GOD. Yesterday I parked the car outside the house, in the middle of the road, facing heavy rains with thunderstorm. This morning I checked the carpet. WELL DONE!!! No more pool of water. Just some moisture, I beleive the ones left inside the carpet by previous leakages. I am going to observe for few weeks more before decided to go to the next stage; welding, busting off rusts, and touchup paintings.

fix pixs (cont.)

i vacuum any dirts and water residue around leakage area first...
and start to apply silicone sealant..of you got the gun type is better!!

use ice-cream stick to spread out the sealant nicely...REMEMBER TO SOAK IN SOAPY WATER FIRST!!!

make sure everything is clean!! please cover up your windscreen first!! see i am struggling to clean up silicone residues from the screen!!

fix pixs...

see how much water gets in...
after strip off...
the leakage area...
leakage occurs around this damn clip!!

what i used~~

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


OK guys, I went to venture the solution myself. As suggested by my dad earlier, we might be able to seal the windscreen with silicone sealant. Last Saturday, this is really an unplanned work!! DO NOT DO UNPLANNED THINGS!! I initially planned to visit my mechanic that morning for long shaft and some brake works, unfortunately he was not feeling well. After finished up house chores, do not know what to do, with itchy hands, I dismantle the windscreen moulding, broke down few clips!! My intention was just to see how the windscreen being attached to the car. It was so simple, the windscreen just 'placed by glue', no holder whatsoever. I am now very confident with my mechanic, it won't break while detachment. Because the windscreen is some sort of floating on a layer of rubber seal and another layer of black epoxy cream. Also note that clips of the moulding are attached on the windscreen!!

I then pour out water from garden hose, got my brother to capture images of leakages. Oh ALLAH!! The leakage was soooo bad. I came to note that the leak area was around a clip. As there was a clip, so I don't think it is wise to seal from outside (mean to seal the clip together?? or seal without clip??). Thus I decided to seal it from inside. I detached the side black plastic pillar cover, stripped off some portion of rubber seals along top of the dash, and have 'clear & comfort' working space. I took a tube of Black RTV Silicone Sealant, ice-cream stick, and some soapy water. I started to patch them up slowly, use the ice-cream stick to spread the silicone evenly and to ensure they are neat. SIGH!! BEFORE YOU TOUCH THE SILICONE SEALANT, PLEASE TIP OFF YOUR HANDS (OR YOUR ICE CREAM STICK) WITH THE SOAPY WATER, THEN IT WON'T STICK ON THE SILICONE.

I have to admit, I am a beginner!! This is my second time handling silicone sealant. The first one is when I tried to seal the side lamp; A COMPLETE FAILURE!! This time, got it better :) Please make sure do not mess up with your windscreen. I mess it up with some silicone residues, it was a hardwork to clean them off!! I suggest you might want to cover your windscreen with maskin tape and plastic bags or newspaper.

And on Monday, I washed the car. Spray back with garden hose to check for leakages. Thanks GOD, it was GOOD!! No more drippings, not a single. However I still can see bubbles. Never mind. Will check it later. Pictures will be posted later, I am too busy lately with so many works :)