Monday, August 21, 2006

First time ever TREASURE HUNTING :)

Treasure Hunt experience. This is the first time ever I drive this car into a Treasure Hunt. The most scary part was to put stickers on it. It was hard to get convinced that the sticker could be peeled off easily. YES, IT DID!! ALHAMDULILLAH. In this Treasure Hunt organised by the ConvoFair committe of my university; we create an ally of 4 cars. Yeah, my car is the only non-Malaysian car, the most heavy car, the oldest car in the clan. What is the advantage of driving this car in hunt?? The turning radius!! U-turn here & there is a no no problem at all, swing! My car did not win. However 3 others got fourth, third, and second place. Yeah, they took us as an ally, so they kindfully share the prizes. Thanks guys.

This car managed to going up and down hill, tested in sharp corners on country roads. Yeah, great. Total distance travelled is nearly 300km. From UTP, Tronoh, the hunt ended in Taiping. Then we proceed to Bukit Larut for 'express' vacation. Small hiking there, and have fun at the waterfall. Then, going back to UTP. It was about 12 hours of driving, oh man, its tiring my eyes. Conclusively, its fun :)

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

VOLVO's Oil Filter Piracy :(

To indicate whether the oil filter is original or not is not that difficult, though they are tricky. One can only be very sure of whether the oil filter installed is genuine part or not only after they start the engine, obviously if the oil filter is not the genuine one; NO CHOICE!!

Locally, in Malaysia, I have found few types of oil filters being sold;

  • Genuine VOLVO oil filter. The price of this filter may vary from RM25 and above. To recognize this filter is simple, it was labelled with VOLVO logo and some instructions, in DARK BLUE color! Again, to really sure, after installation, the oil pressure warning light will get off immediately after starting. This is because this genuine oil filter is fitted with oil pressure check valve that will maintain the oil pressure (so the light will not turn on).
  • MADE IN MALAYSIA, FAKED! This oil filter look pretty same as the original filter. It have VOLVO logo and the same printed instructions on it, but the text is FADED & in LIGHT BLUE color. Using this filter, the oil pressure warning light will remain on the dash for a few seconds after the engine started. This filter may priced between RM16-RM17.
  • MANN brand oil filter. This may be an alternative for original VOLVO filters. It may cost around RM20.
  • Japan branded! This is the cheapest oil filter I have ever found claimed to suit VOLVOs. I have been offered RM7 only for this filter. Dare not to use it.

Why using original oil filter is very crucial? Did you realized that for 240, using mineral engine oil, the service interval is 10,000km! I have contacted Federal Auto, they confirmed this. Even until now, they keep the 10,000km service interval for 240s using mineral or semi-synthetic engine oil. This is where original oil filter play its role, good filtering! I have once used the MADE IN MALAYSIA filter, its just 5000km and the engine oil was so nice dark! And from then, I not dare to use any other brand of oil filter besides genuine one. GOOD LUCK!!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Mineral to Semi Synthetic.....

The 240 just get engine oil changed. We have decided to migrate from mineral based oil to semi-synthethis engine oil. For this service, I have to be independent; source out parts by myself and send for an independent mechanic to carry out the job.

I got oil filters from Ecco Trading Ipoh (VOLVO parts dealer). I also got washers for engine oil cap and drain plug from them. The engine oil used is the PETRONAS Syntium 800 Semi Synthethic 15W-50. We decided to stick on this brand for coming services. So from now on, I expect oil change to be done every 10,000km, meaning that only twice a year!!