Sunday, November 18, 2007

Major Service!

Hi, it's been a while since I last post in here about the 240's maintenance or repair. So yesterday, I got the car for MAJOR SERVICE which nearly cost me thousand bucks;


First, I got splashes of oil around the air-cond compressor, it dripped down to the anti splash pan, and further down to anti-sway bar and brake lines. I am very suspicious at the moment I found the splash as my power steering fluid did not decrease, nor the brake and clutch; and my aircond works well too.

Second, I got 'tok-tok' knocking sound when starting the engine. Thought it came from loose rubber mounting on exhaust; but it was actually the engine mounting.

Third, I got some vibration and vibration noise when turning right; also due to engine mounting and cracked timing belt inner cover plastic which made contact with the pulley.


First, upon troubleshooting, it was confirmed that the leak came from the air-cond compressor. So, have to take out the air-cond compressor and change the worn seals and gaskets.

Next is major service. The work done includes changing timing belt, the timing oil seal, change drive belts as well, change engine mounting, as well as engine oil change.


Taking the compressor down.

The picture above shows that the oil seal have started to leak. Thus, I decided to change all of the oil seals as well.

Upon opening up timing belt and its' cover. Wow, so dirty. The mechanic did clean them thoroughly using a brush and water since they are just cumulated dusts.

New oil seals in. See how clean it is after the cleaning done.

New inner cover plastic.

How bad the engine mounting were.


No more 'tok-tok' knocking sound, no more vibration when turning right, and no more humming noise at 80km/h. Next will be the transmission system and suspension system.

Good Day :)