Saturday, August 06, 2011

Aircond Hose

Last week, we changed the third (last) air-cond hose that have survived for the last 22 years. My brother who drove the car complaint that the air-cond unit is not working optimumly. The cooling lacks, it feels warmer during the day but okay during night. That is an obvious symptom that the refrigerant is getting low. Refrigerant will not getting low of no reason; where leaks are common cause of refrigerant depletion.

exploded diagram, the red labelled hose was changed

By looking at the exploded diagram of our 240 air-cond system, there are 3 main hoses wired. This car have 2 hoses replaced earlier. And per my visual inspection, I knew that the thrid one has started a minor leak.

the wet hose indicated leaks

this is where the other end of the hose terminated; to the silencer located behind front grille
new hose in place

Went to our normal air-cond workshop where we decided to change the hose. We have also decided to change the refrigerant accumulator which have accumulated enough dirts in it.

the old, and the new
The accumulator have also in service since the past 22 years, so its time for a change. We are not using original VOLVO parts for this, as hose and accumulator are common items of any car air-cond system would have. We have other similar brand to replace the older ones. The pressostat mounted on accumulator and its steel bracket were re-installed on the new accumulator.

new accumulator in place

Now it works fine, cool as always~~

Good Day!