Saturday, June 05, 2010

Latest Pictures

Hi guys. Enjoy the after new coat pictures. Pictures says thousands words, so do enjoy :)


Tuesday, June 01, 2010

New Paint Job

Hi all! Wow, it has been quite some time ago since my last post here; yeah nothing much to update on the car, everything was fine with it & as I'm busy with my 940 restoration project, nothing much to write here. By the way, the car has got new coat of paint, the same color, both exterior, interior under the hood plus undercoat for undercarriage.

The job took approximately 3 weeks to finish. The old ugly paint were sand-off, all dents were straightened, scratched bumpers touched-up, rusted floor board re-weld using arc-weld, and the undercarriage is then coated with the black tar type coat (it really makes the car look brand new!).

The workshop had done a good job on painting, especially under the engine hoot and rear boot, it makes the car looks really as brand new, with black finishing on door window's panel. BUT one 'unfavorable' things had happened on the day I took the car out of the workshop. Before payment made, I made a visual inspection around the car, focusing more on engine bay to ensure everything is in-tact as before and as it should be, no wiring damaged, no screws missing, and yeah fully satisfied. Pay, take receipt, adn drove off from the workshop. Just about 2km, the temperature gauge shoots up high quickly. Fortunately there's a petrol station by the side which I then pull off, park there, shut off the engine. Guess what?? NO RADIATOR WATER AT ALL!! Beleive the workshop had detached the expansion tank for painting job, and did not top-up back the drained water. Just let the car cooled down for a while, topped-up with tap water (a lot!) and get started again; OK! So my inspection was not thorough enough :(

Pictures below are some shots under the engine hood, very messy! I will post pictures after I cleaned them up, it looks a lot nicer now! And as for the undercarriage, the tar coat makes the car more quiet now! Perhaps it filled up the tiny-miny spaces down there as well.

OK then, till I post the latest pictures, GOOD DAY ALL!