Sunday, August 12, 2007

Treasure Hunt 2007 :)

Yeah, this is the second treasure hunt I joined. Although with an ugly looking bumper, we still continue our treasure hunting program. At this moment, please do enjoy the pictures first. Details will be online later perhaps.

Good Day :))

Accident :(

Last Friday, in Kuala Lumpur, I met an accident. I was on Jalan Hang Tuah, stopped and waiting for the RED lights. Everybody were happy at that moment in their stationary cars. All of sudden, BANG!! I got myself pulled to the back, I realized my things on the dash compartment area gone! Ooooppsss... I looked back through the rear-view mirror, I saw an uncle in a Perodua Viva rubbing his head. I moved my car aside a little bit, then I switch off the engine, I came down from the car and the first thing I go and see is the 240's back. Bumper got tears, LHS rear tail-lamp get off from its bracket, and all chrome linings were down on the road. I really pissed-off!

But then, I saw the uncle in Perodua Viva got blood flowing from his forehead, he keeps wiping it with his tissue, then the mood changed into sympathy. The story did not end there when I discovered that the Viva was also being hit by a Proton Waja before it hits this brick. Again, I am really sorry for the poor uncle, whose brand new Viva got sandwiched. We then just proceed to the nearest police station and make reports.

So what happened to the brick?? Interior parts also affected because of the impact. First, the glove box got itself opened upon impact and RHS hinge broke. All cassette, papers, and pen inside the glove box thrown out to the front passenger seat. Exterior parts includes the bumper got tears, LHS tail-lamp bracket broke, cracks on both tail-lamp, and all rear chrome linings fall down on the road.

It is a very memorable experience, as this is my first time road accident after 5 years of driving. Take care guys :)

p/s - i think 240 may have the pre-whiplash system, because at the moment of impact, the seat support me well as if they were saying "relax zhafri, we are supporting you!"