Monday, November 28, 2011

And finally...

Dear my beloved readers. I wonder if this may be the last post here related to the V240 B230K I'm always writing about. Last two weeks, we have sold the car to an uncle after 15 years in the house.

The car was purchased by my father on 1996. He bought it from a company auction, reasonable price for a car that was fully maintained by Volvo authorised service center, Federal Auto. It came with the original delivery hand note back in 1989, the service book, and the owners manual; in its' Volvo black folder. I was only twelve then. So in short, I, my sister, and brothers, and my mom, and my father also; we actually grew up or has at least spent most of our days with this car around. It has stayed in the house for 15 years!

My father is not a Volvo-die heart fan. He was an aircraft maintenance engineer, so you may conclude he knows about cars very well. He keeps on disciplined regular oil change, fix things immediately, and keep engine bay as clean as possible. This is very important and has proven to allow a long lasting (and trouble-free) cars.

No major problem encountered throughout these 15 years. Never broke down by roadsides, never came up with surprises at weird places and time, and if something were to broke-out, it will always have some kind of warning signs. Our beloved mechanics passed away on 2006, I migrated to Labuan on 2007, bla bla bla.. All these changes in life, has made the car to 'live by itself'. Very minimal care could be tendered to it, while it is undergoing ageing more and more attention should be given to it. That was exactly why we have to sell the car.

I posted the advertisement in Up to my surprise, I could get around 3 calls per day, and deal was made in less than 1 week! We should have put higher price tags if we knew the demand for a good 240 like this is actually high. My apology for some of you who called and emailed me personally to have the car; when it was already sold.

Enjoy the pictures~

on its last day, Saturday morning....

hahaha... I was 13 in this picture..

I guess this is 2004.. we were on the way from Perak to KL

treasure hunt 2006.. captured at Bukit Larut, Perak

i still remember this... 2007... on the way back from our favorite mamak stall in Tronoh!

treasure hunting..2007


haaa... in Ipoh, meetups with VOCM members (Gustav & Mark)

see how beautiful the engine bay was, and how young I was then~~

this one is captured while driving to Jusco Ipoh~ midnight movies yeah~

haaa... UTP's mosque

Bye-bye my road warrior, my 240!

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Aircond Hose

Last week, we changed the third (last) air-cond hose that have survived for the last 22 years. My brother who drove the car complaint that the air-cond unit is not working optimumly. The cooling lacks, it feels warmer during the day but okay during night. That is an obvious symptom that the refrigerant is getting low. Refrigerant will not getting low of no reason; where leaks are common cause of refrigerant depletion.

exploded diagram, the red labelled hose was changed

By looking at the exploded diagram of our 240 air-cond system, there are 3 main hoses wired. This car have 2 hoses replaced earlier. And per my visual inspection, I knew that the thrid one has started a minor leak.

the wet hose indicated leaks

this is where the other end of the hose terminated; to the silencer located behind front grille
new hose in place

Went to our normal air-cond workshop where we decided to change the hose. We have also decided to change the refrigerant accumulator which have accumulated enough dirts in it.

the old, and the new
The accumulator have also in service since the past 22 years, so its time for a change. We are not using original VOLVO parts for this, as hose and accumulator are common items of any car air-cond system would have. We have other similar brand to replace the older ones. The pressostat mounted on accumulator and its steel bracket were re-installed on the new accumulator.

new accumulator in place

Now it works fine, cool as always~~

Good Day!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Like VOLVO 240 LIVE on Facebook!

As time flies by, and as I get so hooked to Facebook, please to announce that I have created a replica page of this blog in Facebook as well. Do Like Us, we may interact, share our passions and knowledge about this car in a more LIVE way! See you guys!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New Absorbers & Solex Cisac Tuned

It was last two weeks, that I have decided to try a workshop in Old Klang Road, Kuala Lumpur. I am sure as a Volvo fellas in Kuala Lumpur, most of you may be knowing this shop very well. Had visited them before with a friend and I have good thoughts on how they work, one year down the road after much survey done, gave a try on them.

My intention was to completely get my suspension done, it was bumping here and there already, so uncomfortable. I knew both front and rear absorbers have gave away, after approximately one decade of service. So in short;

1- Performed regular engine oil change. This time we are back to the Caltex engine oil, with semi synthetic type. I plan to have the car serviced only 6-monthly, so semi synthetic is good to go. Unfortunately, the shop is using 'local' made oil filter. You cannot see the difference at first sight between a local made filter and original filter. Their stamp is exactly the same, only that local made filter is sometimes stamped with light blue color while original units use dark color fonts. To reconfirm, when you start the engine, the engine oil pressure warning stays for a second before it disappear. An original filter will turn off the warning light immediately as the engine starts. It have embedded pressure valve which other filters do not have. It is okay, next change I will insist on original filter.

2- After test drive, the mechanic recommended to change only the front absorbers. Rear absorbers have worn out but not that bad, he insisted me to use them until they 'really' broke, "typical Federal Auto man" I whispered to myself. So get both changed to Boge brand. The comfort restored!

3- There's a leak on the gearbox oil selas, which have slowly drain out the transmission fluid, this is a manual M47 tranny so it is not so crucial having low transmission fluid. As the job requires the whole gearbox to be brought down, we decided to just top up the fluid, and do it later perhaps with clutch works as well.

4- The best part is the engine mixture tuning. Previous mechanic seems so cautious he did not dare to touch the Solex carburetor, yes most of mechanics have bad experience while adjusting Solex. I know only well trained mechanics knows how it works. With a CO meter assistance, they have managed to tuned it to the best. It has not been tuned since the past 5 years! With new plugs and tuning, I could feel vast difference! Engine are smoother, quiter, one morning start only, and the best of all I gained back the good fuel consumption I have ever had from my day one of driving.

Phew, good that it got back to right hands and right shape. Some cosmetic works are still needed, especially on the cushions. The cushions look wonderfully beautiful since day one, not until you seat on it. It sanks..hahaha...

Good Day all!

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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Junk Yard Sale

ITEM 01. The K-Jet fuel pump, filter, and accumulator steel bracket set for V740/940. MYR 10.

ITEM 02. Instrument cluster for V940 1991-1992. All working except speedometer. You'll need to re-install the clock controller from your original board. MYR 50.
ITEM03. Brand NEW TRW front brake pads. Wrongly bought so not used until now. For S90/V90/ newer 900 series. MYR100.

ITEM04. Volvo 240 Original Cassette Player/AM/FM. No Code required. MYR40.
ITEM05. Stereo faceplate for upperdash Volvo 240, for LHS driver models. MYR 20.

ITEM06. Buttons (Rear view mirror heater & Power antenna) for V740/940. MYR05/pc.
ITEM07. Button cover plate for V740/940. MYR 05.
ITEM08. Volvo 240/740/940 B230E/200E Fuel Pump/Filter/Accumulator U-Hose. MYR10.

 ITEM09. Volvo 240/740/940 Brake Servo Hose. The check valve may not work already. Original Volvo hose, still in very good condition. MYR10.

 ITEM10. Volvo 240/740/940 Tie Rod End cover. MYR10.

ITEM11. Volvo 740/940 Dashboard Cloth Cover. MYR10.

ITEM12. Volvo 240/740/940 LHS Side Mirror Plate without Glass. MYR05.
ITEM12. Volvo 240/740/940 B230E/200E Volumeter Gasket. Brand NEW. MYR20.
ITEM14. Brand New. Ansell Hyflex Glove, good for working with autos. I have 5 pairs now. MYR10/pair.

I am getting off above items at very minimum cost, just to clear off my store space. The above price is in MYR (Malaysian Ringgit) and exclusive of shipping costs. Email me at if you are interested in any of above items. Thanks.
Good Day!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

BrickWalla - Fantastic 240 Blog from Malaysia!

Please visit this BrickWalla blog on 240, also from Malaysia. Proud to share with you guys the fantastic page from my Malaysian, Volvo blogger friend.

Good Day!

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Another Major Service Done!

Last service was done on June 2010! And the mileage covered from then is just 5,000km. Have it serviced with some parts changed;

a) As usual, get the engine oil and filter changed. Using semi-synthetic oil, original oil filter. This workshop always practice changing the drain plug gasket and engine oil cap rubber seal on each service.

b) Both LHS and RHS wishbone bush have cracked. Changed both. Changing wishbone bush requires hydraulic pressing on it and usually performed at certain workshops who have the facility to push in the bush. Some mechanic even tack weld at the edge of the wishbone bush metal to secure it.

c) LHS ball joint worn out. Tyre loose out under 'grip & shake' test. New Lamforder ball joint installed.

d) Long shaft or the propeller flex disc coupling was also cracked. Get it changed as well. This part is vital as it connect the output shaft of the gearbox to the propeller shaft. It ensure your car move nice!


Good Day all!

PDF Books

If you are looking for PDF resources on our Volvos, I would recommend below pages;

For owners manual copy, in case if you bought a second hand Volvo without these copies, you can always download it direct from Volvo Cars. This copies are essential for every owners, stating operating manual and service intervals checklist as well. Follow below link;
For Volvo repair manuals or we call it as Volvo Green Book, our friend in have a lot of them. Follow his link below;
If in case you require specific pdf books on Volvo, I do also have some. Just email me at [ahmadzhafri at gmail dot com]

Good Day!

Solution for Tickering Speedometer

Hi readers. As I have posted earlier on my speedometer problem, have get my local mechanic here to troubleshoot and fix it for me. It was the rear speedometer sensor wire located at the rear axle which was the culprit. The wires have torn a little bit, however being covered with road grimes. The mechanic clean it up to reveal some part of the wires have worn out.

this is the problem...

old slight worn wire
Very simple fix, rewiring from the socket to the point where it enters rear boot. Done and the meter works perfectly now!