Sunday, November 22, 2009

Classic, Nice, Cheap

Hi all. Just want to share of my rceent eBay transaction & how eBay might help us with the old Volvos. The courtesy handles on the 240 had turned yellowish, the nut cap had become brittle and dropped off; it doesn't look nice in short. I was planning to replace only the nut cover but then realized it comes per set with the handle itself.

Went over to my favorite Volvo parts dealer in Kuala Lumpur and asked them if they have any stock of the courtesy handle; none. Yeah, as expected nobody buys them, its either their handles are still in mint condition or its just an old car so why bother on the handle? But they offer to order them if I really want the handles and quoted around RM200 per piece, thats mean total of RM600 to get the three handles replaced. Then I just say, never mind.

Went home and share the story with my dad. He said "pergilah tengok dalam Internet" (why don't you go and have a look on the net). Yeah, surfed eBay and I found the handles! To cut it short, succesfully bought 3 pieces of them with total price of RM150 only including courier charges! The seller who is from USA told me that they are used ones, but when the parcel arrived, they look-like a brand new handle! Perhaps USA climate is too gentle to plastics as compared to Malaysia hot tropical climate.

Changed them, now it look nice. A classic car, with nice handle, and cheap!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Volvo Radio Code

Browsing through sites, finally I found this website. I don't know if this is illegal but; who cares of this more than a decade car stereo! We often listen people who bought second hand unit of Volvo original radio unit will not be able to use them just because of difficulties in getting the radio code (its just too old and owners lost the number).

If you are among them, come and read this wonderful page. Try surfing around and you'll find Volvo Radio Code calculator. What you need to do is to follow the instruction on the website, read your diode arrangement and key-in the diode arrangement to your code calculator software; done!