Sunday, March 23, 2008

New Yokohama Tyres!

Last week, the car got 2 pieces of new tyres. The old Silverstone Kruizer had badly worn out. The initial intention was to replace it with Goodyear tyres. However the dealer said that Goodyear tyres were out of stock.

As I am going for a long trip the next day, I really need to get the tyre changed on the day. So the only stock left is the Yokohama A Drive tyres. Got it changed, and some alignment works were done. It was badly out of alignment.

The next day is the review day! I cruised up on the highway heading north of Peninsular Malaysia at average speed of 120km/h. I went up to the maximum speed of 150km/h at times. Overall, I am satisfied with the tyre performance.

  • the tyres grip very well, I can feel as if the tyre is sticking on the road even while raining and with wet road surface
  • noise and vibration was really eliminated as per compared with the old Silverstone Kruizer
  • handling is good, lighter steering feel
Please bear in mind, usually new tyres will always feel good. Because of the soft new rubber and the fresh thread. It is not fair to directly compare new tyres with the old ones.

Good day all :)