Wednesday, April 08, 2009

New Battery + Exhaust Works!

Hi all,

I just came back about a week and drive the 240 from and to Shah Alam & Bangi everyday to attend some training here. It took about 80km per day with moderate traffic and highway cruise (around 110 to 120km/h); every morning and afternoon.

1) Battery

Last Saturday, was told by my father that the Volvo cannot start, battery is too weak. I jump started the car and drive it around. Unfortunately that afternoon, the battery dies again. After 2 and half years, the battery gone. Get it replaced and the car starts fine.

new GP DIN66 battery

2) Exhaust

The other issue is whining metal vibration sound especially when reaching 2000rpm. I suspected there is something wrong with the exhaust as the noise comes from underneath the car (around exhaust pipes). I did peek through it yesterday when I saw the rubber hanger that holds exhaust muffler was teared down; concluding that it is the cause; the exhaust vibrates and touch the car's body metal.

the broken rubber hanger

Today after work, I dropped by a general exhaust shop in Sri Muda, Shah Alam for a quick rubber hanger replacement. Upon lifting up the car and preliminary checks, the guy showed me that there are leaks! The leaks are as per attached picture. With RM10, he helped me to weld/patch them back using arc welding.

where the cracks...

patch-up with arc welding

Is there any symptom of leaking exhaust? Yes! Apart of louder noise, the car will have less power/pickup. How could this happen? One of the theory is that it relates with air flow. For instance, with closed exhaust pipes and muffler, there are air resistance which controls the air flow. Hence, we will get the desired air/fuel mixture with a right air flow. Once there are leaks, air travels faster (out and in). Thus, there are unburn fuels which moves very fast with the air. This is why you will get less power.

Consequences to that, we will then try to press the accelerator more to get more power; thus more unburn fuel; more fuel lost. Fuel consumption will be higher than usual.

In this case, I experienced all the three. However I took different initial thought; the noise was due to broken rubber hanger; the power loss was due to some electrical problems such as plugs, ignition coil, cables, or the pickup sensor; and the high FC is due to bad tyres and suspension system which causes the car to lag. And they are wrong. Sigh...

3) Water Pump

Yeah, its going to due soon. The seals are leaking some coolant at very very low rate; will get it changed in the next workshop visit. Just for sharing purpose, the water pump was replaced back 10 years ago using GMC brand if not mistaken (Germany). Satisfied with it, and have to respect it's due date :)

with sharp eyes, you should see the water drops..

All-in-all the Volvo 240 still running strong! It needs some body works and suspension restoration only. Good day all :)