Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New Absorbers & Solex Cisac Tuned

It was last two weeks, that I have decided to try a workshop in Old Klang Road, Kuala Lumpur. I am sure as a Volvo fellas in Kuala Lumpur, most of you may be knowing this shop very well. Had visited them before with a friend and I have good thoughts on how they work, one year down the road after much survey done, gave a try on them.

My intention was to completely get my suspension done, it was bumping here and there already, so uncomfortable. I knew both front and rear absorbers have gave away, after approximately one decade of service. So in short;

1- Performed regular engine oil change. This time we are back to the Caltex engine oil, with semi synthetic type. I plan to have the car serviced only 6-monthly, so semi synthetic is good to go. Unfortunately, the shop is using 'local' made oil filter. You cannot see the difference at first sight between a local made filter and original filter. Their stamp is exactly the same, only that local made filter is sometimes stamped with light blue color while original units use dark color fonts. To reconfirm, when you start the engine, the engine oil pressure warning stays for a second before it disappear. An original filter will turn off the warning light immediately as the engine starts. It have embedded pressure valve which other filters do not have. It is okay, next change I will insist on original filter.

2- After test drive, the mechanic recommended to change only the front absorbers. Rear absorbers have worn out but not that bad, he insisted me to use them until they 'really' broke, "typical Federal Auto man" I whispered to myself. So get both changed to Boge brand. The comfort restored!

3- There's a leak on the gearbox oil selas, which have slowly drain out the transmission fluid, this is a manual M47 tranny so it is not so crucial having low transmission fluid. As the job requires the whole gearbox to be brought down, we decided to just top up the fluid, and do it later perhaps with clutch works as well.

4- The best part is the engine mixture tuning. Previous mechanic seems so cautious he did not dare to touch the Solex carburetor, yes most of mechanics have bad experience while adjusting Solex. I know only well trained mechanics knows how it works. With a CO meter assistance, they have managed to tuned it to the best. It has not been tuned since the past 5 years! With new plugs and tuning, I could feel vast difference! Engine are smoother, quiter, one morning start only, and the best of all I gained back the good fuel consumption I have ever had from my day one of driving.

Phew, good that it got back to right hands and right shape. Some cosmetic works are still needed, especially on the cushions. The cushions look wonderfully beautiful since day one, not until you seat on it. It sanks..hahaha...

Good Day all!

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