Saturday, July 29, 2006


Starting from last week these lights keep blinking.. They light up dimly, not so bright. If you did not really see them, you may not notice them. Upon rev up, those lights will slowly goes off. The lights are;

Then last night, I notice from car charging condition LEDs that I installed to 12V cigarette socket show no charging activity. Those LEDs was very useful since this model doesn't equipped with in-dash voltmeter. The car survived the journey, accesories started to dim off and wiper motor slowed down remarkably. Upon parking, the car dies, cannot restart again. To my wonder, with 10V showed on multimeter this morning, I managed to get it started. Drive to the nearest auto electrical shop and diagnosed with faulty voltage regulator. Changed it and there it is, the battery got charged again!!


For a few weeks, nearly month I noticed that my fuel consumption started to rise up. Petrol fume also can be obviously smelt somewhere around the carburetter. Until one day I notice that there was a leakage at one of the 'square shape mini pump' of the Solex Carburetor. Upon referring to Haynes Manual, it was called as Fuel Pump, refer to the exploded diagram, the whole unit assembly is labelled from no. 72, 73, 74, 75, 76. Obviously, upon rev up, petrol clearly seen to seep out through this mini petrol pump.

I did survey few workshop for this 'critical mission'. I was shocked when told that I have to skim the carburetor base. They claimed that the carburetor might have warped, thats why leakages happened. Lastly I when to see the late mechanic's assistant. He suggested it might be only seals or gaskets or maybe diaphragms. I love simple ideas, so I went to him.

The square pump secured by 4 flat screw. Upon unscrew of all this 4 screw, the assembly will then exposed the assembly. We found out that the diaphragm had worn out. Test with engine oil; pour it into the diaphragm and see if leaks occurs. The diaphragm is labelled as 73, but it comes in one package, both 73 and 74. Bought it from Yonit, local VOLVO and SCANIA parts dealer for RM145 for both diaphragm and the spring. Change it and refit the whole assembly back, very simple work. No special expertise needed for this job I guess.

The accelerator get powerful back now, no petrol leaks, no losses. Tested on highway, owh, to get below 130km/h even with light footed acceleration is not that easy. :)

*FYI Solex Carburetor have 3 diaphragms in total.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Relax, entertain yourselves :)

Hi guys. It have been a while wihout new posts here. A lot of incidents happened around my life. With the death of our mechanic, the episode of sadness covered up my mind when my uncle (who share the same passionate and own a 240SE) passed away too. So whats new?? I just installed back the headlamp wiper!! Yeah, now almost back to original... Actually, this postings is just to give us some break; and entertainment?! Enjoy the song, from my beloved bird.... :))