Monday, September 27, 2010

Acting Up...Phew

Finally the speedometer of this 1989 Volvo started to acting-up. I was cruising at a speed of 80km/h while recording this erractic needle jumps. Will update you guys once solved.

My initial thought to check;

1) The speed sensor socket at rear axle have come loose/wires cracked and touching each other. Yesterday I have a look at them and they looks fine with thick road grimes coverings. Will use multimeter to measure at the instrument board socket, if the multimeter jumps here and there as well, most probably will be wiring issues; if not

2) The instrument board/circuit issue. Have to investigate further.

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Exhaust Restored

Hi Guys!

Just got the exhaust system repaired (replaced actually). Exhaust system for this B230K have few components, let us check it briefly.

From engine exhaust manifold, there are 2 to 1 exhaust pipe, straight to a muffler situated under rear passenger's floor board. The muffler then connected to a 'bending' pipe which cross above rear axle and beside suspension spring to a second muffler located just under the rear bumper. And finally a tail pipe out from the second muffler to the air!

In my case, the exhaust problem was obvious, when the car sounded like a motorboat engine! It was out loud! Checked to a local exhaust specialist here, and both front and rear exhaust pipe had cracked and leaked gases out. The same goes to the first muffler which had cracked. Got them replaced.

FYI the exhaust pipes had never been changed since 'from factory' almost 21 years ago. And now only the rear muffler and its tail pipe is still sustaining the 'from factory' status!

Good day all!