Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Drive To Remember, 240GLT!

Hi guys. It has been a while since I last 'seriously' blogging about 240. Let me share something on my recent driving experience of another 240. I was on a trip for 3 days last week where I got a privileged to drive a 240GLT with B230E engine for the whole 3 days. Thanks to the owner, En Zahrin who kindly lend me the car during my stay there.

For the benefit of all, 240GLT in Malaysia is a non-turbo model. This models was named with GLT to be 'sport' model of 240. This model equipped with full accessories such as electric side mirror, all sort of gauges (engine oil pressure, fuel consumption, voltmeter), and I beleive some differences on the interior color (offered for Malaysia market that time). This has been always a misconception that GLT stands for Turbo, while that is not the case for Malaysian market. The engine remain the same, the B230E for either 240GL, GLT, SE, or even SE Classic.

the engine oil gauge is not working, wire detached from sensor...

Generally the car is well-kept. The body looks nice even with minor rust here and there (which is reasonable of its' age & location near sea shore). A body repainting or touch-up will do. However, on the first start and drive, I notice some lacking. The idling rpm was too low that the engine trumbles quite hard (the steering & dashboard also vibrates). I do not noticed this on my 240. After a day drive, I noticed this low rpm symptom occurs even when the engine had been warmed up and operating under hot sun! I also noticed some misfiring and pick-up was quite lagging.

nice interior huh...

With tight schedule, I only got the time to look into it on my last day! Before my afternoon drive, I did a very simple tweaks for the low idling rpm. I did this based on my readings and other Volvo club member's experience as I do not own/drive one with injection engine. I switched off the air-cond, and start to play around with the idling speed screw (see image). A little bit of adjustment only! This screw is meant to adjust idling speed/rpm. It is not a 'tuning' screw; meaning that it won't change the air/fuel mixture ratio at all. I successfully got the right rpm (see image) and got the engine to run smoothly. Even crank-up is faster, idling speed is more stable, and the best thing is no more steering & dashboard vibrating during traffic light stops. I suggest this link for more reading on this problem.

i gained 800rpm idling speed without air-cond and close to 900rpm when air-cond switched on

the idling speed adjustment screw

As for the misfiring, I notices some water collected at the spark plug cable boots. I really have no idea of where the waters came from, but beleived that is the culprit. Later on the day I did sent it for a car wash where I borrowed their high pressure air-gun and dry off the plug cable's boot. It also solved the misfiring! However I do beleive that the cables may need to be changed :)

we called it 'Snow Car Wash' in Malaysia :)

How do I solve the pickup problem? Very simple! I dropped by a petrol station, inflate the tyre according to the pressure specification written on the petroll refill cap cover. Straight away after that, I felt the pickup is back! And I cannot deny that the car was fast!

The owner complaint that his family did not want to drive the car because of high fuel consumption. Driving for the first three days, I have to admit that the car fuel consumption was indeed really high! Of course as per compared to my caburated 240. Good that the car equipped with fuel consumption meter. After the simple tweak done (on the idling rpm), I can noticably see from the meter that the fuel consumption started to dropped from previous as I drive around. The below pictures indicated the fuel consumption while at idling rpm which is around 800rpm. I am not sure if that is the idle fuel consumption of an idling engine because I don't have that gauge in my machine; but I thought that is good enough.

gauges at idling

After all, it is really a pleasure for a chance of driving a 240 back, after months of not driving it! Good day all :)

Thursday, November 06, 2008

History of Volvo

Its good to know the root of the machine we are driving now :)