Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Up & Down

The car is ready for sale, sometime soon. Reading through this blog, you may judge what is our main reason of selling this lovely car. My dad announced that he cannot keep the car anymore; as the mechanic passed away. We just do not trust any other mechanic to 'touch' this car. Rather than seeing it dying, to sell off (preference is to enthusiats) may be a better solution. If anyone felt interestes in this car, just put your price in the comments column.

We have almost all service records from 1989 up until now. From 1989 to 1996, this car was serviced by VOLVO Authorised Service Center, Federal Auto. Then 1996 up to 2006, we send the car to the late Mr KC Ng, ex-Federal Auto man. Service book stamped by service center, and receipts of repair works done is still well kept; for reference.

Water getting inside cabin issues, settled! Odometer fixed! New glove box! Most of bushes changed, new bushes needed for antiroll bar. The engine, and hydraulic pumps are still excellent. May need top-overhaul few thousands later as it never been top-overhauled. Minimal rusts on the body, for perfection respraying will help. Normal wear & tear only; oil seals, gaskets, carburetter adjustments.

So, how much should this car priced??