Saturday, November 25, 2006

S40 Test Drive

First of all, in this blog I just want to briefly share my S40 test drive experience. Just to be short and precise. What did I think of S40??

1-In cabin noise in obvious, even my 240 have less noise. This is not a joke. I posted this on a Volvo Club Forum and one of the S40 owner told me that it was because of the factory fitted tyres. He just changed it into another brand and happy with it!

2-Power and responsiveness was great. I love to use the 'Manual MODE' of the shiftronic transmission. Yeah, logic!

3-Ergonomically perfect. This is the most important feature I'll look around with new cars.

4-Handling? I am not sure, but I somehow rather feel that 240 grip the road firmer, 240 have more solid handling though, not to be biased! Maybe S40 is a FWD, while 240 is a RWD with 'live rear axle', maybe...

5-If i got that amount of money, will I buy S40?? At this point of time, maybe NOT. I think better get a Honda Accord or Toyota Camry brand new for cheaper price, not bad performance, comfort also, and the most important part in my judgement is they are bigger than S40...eheheheh....

All in all I think S40 is not for luxuriness, but for sportiness! Good Day :)

Monday, November 06, 2006

Top-Up Aircond Gas

I got my aircond gas top-up by a local aircond shop. Reason being is just that it started to feel warm. I recalled that my last service was done on March this year, so its just about eight month of usage. I told the aircond man and suggest that there might be leaks anywhere. Then he told me that if in any case there is a leak; which take almost eight month to diminish the gas, the leak must be a very small leak and no point of him tracing it down as it will be very tiny and difficult to trace. Thus he suggest that we top-up the gas first, and if the gas reduces significantly, then the hunt begins! Paid RM20 for gas top-up...Update later.

p/s - Thanks Mr Fadli for the great photos!