Sunday, August 23, 2009

DIY That Have Re-Failed....

I did some DIY on my car, some are after readings and research on the net, and some are just my trial & error basis. And what had failed back?

Odometer Stopped Working Again

My odometer stopped working in 1999. However then, the best solution is just to change the whole instrument cluster; which my father says no need (waste a lot of money just to get odometer function). Up until one day I found odometer repair manual online, I discussed it with my father and decided to fix it by DIY! Did it on 2005, it runs perfect since then; but after 4 years stopped again. Perhaps due to 'cheap' plastic gear being used as replacement.

Will get the instrument cluster opened and fixed; this time with exclusive post to of course!

Windscreen Leaks

Last two weeks, I realized the front windscreen have leaks again during a car wash. I did fixed it by using silicon sealant on 2006, so the RM15 fix lasted for 3 years; not bad at all.

Again, will either consider to reseal it with silicon sealant or just get the windscreen off and use proper sealant for the whole frame during next body paint works!


After all, this is it's 20th year! Unbeleivable, during my childhood, I could never imagine it would last this long. Volvo for life!

Good Day all... Salam Ramadhan!