Tuesday, May 19, 2009



I just launched VOLVO 940 LIVE! yesterday! Another blog of mine on another model of Volvo. As it is still new, I am trying my best to produce more informative posts from day-to-day.

Different from this blog where I write based on real expeience I encounter during my journey with the 240, I currently do not own any 940. Thus, the posts are just based on my readings, research, that I think will still benefit us all. Do drop by the page!

Good day :)

Friday, May 08, 2009

Drive Safely

Hi all,

Last few days, I attended a safety talk. The thing is that I have to attend the same safety talk for 4 times! Which then transpire me to write on road safety while driving this time.

1) Never answer your mobile phone while driving

We did discussed this during the talk. The presenter stressed that we should not answer any calls while driving, but stop at a safe spot to attend to the calls; even hands-free are not permitted. Some of us were surprised on the fact that hands-free device are prohibited as well. What more of texting while driving.

Studies had been done and showed that it is not driving with one-hand on the wheel and the other hand on the phone is the major cause of accidents; it is the call that distract your mind and attention from the road. Even if you divert it to your speakers, more or less you will be thinking on the 'other world' once you started attending to calls. This is why hands-free are not allowable as well.

Where to stop? They shared a case happened in Miri. A driver did stopped his car by a roadside to answer a call. While attending to the call, a motorbike passed-by and hit the back of the car. Both riders felt down to the road after they hit the car. Unfortunately, because of heavy traffic on that road, other car immediately slammed both of them and they died on the spot! In this case, the stopped driver is not being safe at all, yes he did stopped to attend his call, but he ended-up killing two lives (with God-will). Thus, please note that you should stop at safe spots such as car park area, or designated rest area while cruising on highways; or don't answer the call at all!

2) To be able to see and be seen

This is specially during morning drives. For instance, you went out on the road early in the morning where you be able to see everything clearly without headlamps. However does others see you clearly? This is why Volvo's comes out with Day-Running-Lights (DRLs). DRLs have proven to extend the visibility of your vehicle to the others up to six time!

240 with DRL

If in case your car is not equipped with DRLs, please switch on your headlamps or at least fog lamps. This really helps to alert other road users; hence making the road safer.

3) Maintain your car properly

Car maintenance is vital in ensuring your safety. Fundamental parts such as bulbs, brakes, engine, tyres, should be inspected regularly (follow service plan). Failures of these parts could cause serious road accidents; when you cannot brake in-time, when your worn tyre skids, when you engine suddenly dies-off on highways, etc.

They seem simple but vital. Sometimes it is just a very small leak on the brake lines, or just a blown-up bulbs, but during emergency situation, they are extremely needed. Imagine you do a hard-braking, but the bulbs blown, other cars at the back will most probably hit you shortly after that!

In addition, suspension system are also a part of your vehicle safety system. Suspension system were designed as such to be able to provide comfort as well as control in emergency situation such as sudden swerve and hard braking. Do not modify them, they had been carefully engineered to control your car accordingly.

4) Attitude

Last but fundamental; is your attitude. Be patient, tolerate, and mindful on the road. Being in Volvo doesn't mean that we could freely speed off here and there. Mind you that driving a Volvo possess you more responsibilities; because in case of any accident, you might be very safe while you easily kill other peoples!

Always abide to rulings such as wear your safety belt, front and rear passengers; maintain at speed limit, do not cross double lines, or overtaking over double lines. Those signs and posts are not there for display or cosmetic purpose only. Authorities had studied the road conditions accordingly before putting them up.

At the end of the day, safety is up to you. You know your car best, you know the driving condition and what is safe for you best than others :)