Sunday, January 25, 2009

Power Steering Rack Overhauled

Hi all.

Another regular service was done last week. Plus, the power steering rack overhauled. It has been leaking for months. Started off with minor leaks where fluid decreases over weeks. Leaks are obvious on the under-engine anti splash pan. And the ATF level from power steering fluid reservoir dropped. As the car seldomly being used nowadays, we just topped-up the fluid before making any trip. However, it has come to the time to get it fixed; leakage rate was high. Went and see the same mechanic for last 'Major Service' in Sea Park, PJ. Oh, I think he is the one, the mechanic that I am looking for for years; a replica of our late mechanic. He really know his subject.

Sorry for not having any repair pictures here. The mechanic detached the two hoses from power steering pump, detached both RHS & LHS tie-rod end, and took down the whole steering rack. The rack were dismantled into parts; and being washed (using sort of turpentine/degreaser) thouroughly and dried off (very important to really dry it off!). Ordered a power steering overhaul kit which consists off oil seals, o-rings, and copper washers, all of them changed. The job was done very thoroughly to avoid any water or air seepage into the hydraulic system. It must be well airtightened to avoid air bubbles contained in the system.
After replacing all seals and o-rings, the rack then be re-assembled and re-attached to the car. Good mechanic will practice this; clean up everything before re-assemble; clean up the oily anti-splash pan, bolts & nuts, the steering rack holder, as well as its' oily surrounding. Why cleaning up is very important? This is because, within a clean and clear area, even a slow leaks could be immediately detected! This is why engine bay cleanliness is very important!

Got the engine oil changed as well. The car had travelled less than even 3000km since the last engine oil change somewhere on June. However, I stick to the maintenance chart; using semi-synthetic oil, engine oil must be changed every 10,000km or 6 months whichever comes first. I continue using the Petronas Synthium 800 Semi-Synthetic engine oil.

This mechanic really applies what he did before in Federal Auto I guess (FA is Volvo Appointed Sales & Service company in Malaysia); he raised-up the car, using a torch light, looking at all brake lines, brake pads, bushings, and overall undercarriage inspection. He also did air filter cleaning, check battery water level, coolant level, windshield washer level. He did used an 'original Volvo oil filter', changed the drain plug washer, as well as engine oil cap rubber. Complete!

Overall, now the car is in 'good running condition' again! Good day all :)