Monday, August 04, 2008

New Clutch Pumps :)

Both clutch pump failed last month. Please find below details;

  • While changing gears, I could feel that the clutch/gear engaged quickly with even a slight release of the clutch pedal.
  • Up to my horror, when I was at a parking bay, I depressed the clutch pedal but the car continue to move! Slam on the brake and got the car stopped (of course the engine dead). Only after shutting off the engine, that the gear could be freed & changed! However, I managed to travel home safely.
  • The clutch DOT4 fluid keep depleting. I was having a difficult time to really see where is the leaks. It was very minor that the slave pump got the fluids leaked.
Got a Volvo mechanic to do on-site job at my house compound area. Unfortunately I was not there when he changed both the pumps. He found that both pumps were 'seized' and suggested to change it. The quoted price was pretty high for us, but we have no much choice since the car cannot move already. After all he did a pretty good job, very tidy installation I could say.