Monday, June 11, 2007

VOLVO 240 FOR SALE.... a hard time huh??

Its time to let go the car. Selling reason?? Maybe to get a new car. Details of the car are as follows;

Solex Cisac Carburetor
Manual M47 Transmission

-long shaft vibrating at 80kmh
-rear gearbox oil seal need to be changed
-ignition key spring sometimes just did not pull back by itself
-boot rubber seal might need replacement

-full service record available
-serviced only by Volvo authorised mechanics only
-odometer fixed
-new original tail lamps
-new taiwan made headlight reflectors
-new taiwan made sidelamps
-stock Day Running Lights
-new recond aircond compressor

Feel free to browse thorugh this blog for more info and pics on this car. Just drop me a message if you are interested. Thank you :)