Tuesday, May 02, 2006


OK guys, I went to venture the solution myself. As suggested by my dad earlier, we might be able to seal the windscreen with silicone sealant. Last Saturday, this is really an unplanned work!! DO NOT DO UNPLANNED THINGS!! I initially planned to visit my mechanic that morning for long shaft and some brake works, unfortunately he was not feeling well. After finished up house chores, do not know what to do, with itchy hands, I dismantle the windscreen moulding, broke down few clips!! My intention was just to see how the windscreen being attached to the car. It was so simple, the windscreen just 'placed by glue', no holder whatsoever. I am now very confident with my mechanic, it won't break while detachment. Because the windscreen is some sort of floating on a layer of rubber seal and another layer of black epoxy cream. Also note that clips of the moulding are attached on the windscreen!!

I then pour out water from garden hose, got my brother to capture images of leakages. Oh ALLAH!! The leakage was soooo bad. I came to note that the leak area was around a clip. As there was a clip, so I don't think it is wise to seal from outside (mean to seal the clip together?? or seal without clip??). Thus I decided to seal it from inside. I detached the side black plastic pillar cover, stripped off some portion of rubber seals along top of the dash, and have 'clear & comfort' working space. I took a tube of Black RTV Silicone Sealant, ice-cream stick, and some soapy water. I started to patch them up slowly, use the ice-cream stick to spread the silicone evenly and to ensure they are neat. SIGH!! BEFORE YOU TOUCH THE SILICONE SEALANT, PLEASE TIP OFF YOUR HANDS (OR YOUR ICE CREAM STICK) WITH THE SOAPY WATER, THEN IT WON'T STICK ON THE SILICONE.

I have to admit, I am a beginner!! This is my second time handling silicone sealant. The first one is when I tried to seal the side lamp; A COMPLETE FAILURE!! This time, got it better :) Please make sure do not mess up with your windscreen. I mess it up with some silicone residues, it was a hardwork to clean them off!! I suggest you might want to cover your windscreen with maskin tape and plastic bags or newspaper.

And on Monday, I washed the car. Spray back with garden hose to check for leakages. Thanks GOD, it was GOOD!! No more drippings, not a single. However I still can see bubbles. Never mind. Will check it later. Pictures will be posted later, I am too busy lately with so many works :)


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