Sunday, December 09, 2007

FINALLY: New Bumper & Tail Lamps!

Guys, finally I got the broken bumper and tail lamps changed last week due to the accident happened in August. Was too busy to send in the car until last weekend. As the car exceeds 5 years old, we have to pay 40% of the total cost for the new parts. The rest is taken care by the insurance company. Thumbs-up for AIG for its' assistance.

I sent the car early morning and pick it back around 4pm. I then brought it for a complete car wash, including engine wash. Awesome, the gloom is back, especially for the rear end which was very ugly for the past few months.

Sadly, I am moving out from my hometown. I have been posted to work in Labuan, Sabah. The gloom, and nice car, I left it to the original owner; my dad! This blog will always remind me of the car; even I don't know how it is now in KL. :)