Thursday, February 03, 2011

Another Major Service Done!

Last service was done on June 2010! And the mileage covered from then is just 5,000km. Have it serviced with some parts changed;

a) As usual, get the engine oil and filter changed. Using semi-synthetic oil, original oil filter. This workshop always practice changing the drain plug gasket and engine oil cap rubber seal on each service.

b) Both LHS and RHS wishbone bush have cracked. Changed both. Changing wishbone bush requires hydraulic pressing on it and usually performed at certain workshops who have the facility to push in the bush. Some mechanic even tack weld at the edge of the wishbone bush metal to secure it.

c) LHS ball joint worn out. Tyre loose out under 'grip & shake' test. New Lamforder ball joint installed.

d) Long shaft or the propeller flex disc coupling was also cracked. Get it changed as well. This part is vital as it connect the output shaft of the gearbox to the propeller shaft. It ensure your car move nice!


Good Day all!


jitraman said...


care to give the name & address
of the workshop.

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Ahmad Zhafri Ahmad Zahir said...


Pls email me at

Windsor Exports said...

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