Monday, November 28, 2011

And finally...

Dear my beloved readers. I wonder if this may be the last post here related to the V240 B230K I'm always writing about. Last two weeks, we have sold the car to an uncle after 15 years in the house.

The car was purchased by my father on 1996. He bought it from a company auction, reasonable price for a car that was fully maintained by Volvo authorised service center, Federal Auto. It came with the original delivery hand note back in 1989, the service book, and the owners manual; in its' Volvo black folder. I was only twelve then. So in short, I, my sister, and brothers, and my mom, and my father also; we actually grew up or has at least spent most of our days with this car around. It has stayed in the house for 15 years!

My father is not a Volvo-die heart fan. He was an aircraft maintenance engineer, so you may conclude he knows about cars very well. He keeps on disciplined regular oil change, fix things immediately, and keep engine bay as clean as possible. This is very important and has proven to allow a long lasting (and trouble-free) cars.

No major problem encountered throughout these 15 years. Never broke down by roadsides, never came up with surprises at weird places and time, and if something were to broke-out, it will always have some kind of warning signs. Our beloved mechanics passed away on 2006, I migrated to Labuan on 2007, bla bla bla.. All these changes in life, has made the car to 'live by itself'. Very minimal care could be tendered to it, while it is undergoing ageing more and more attention should be given to it. That was exactly why we have to sell the car.

I posted the advertisement in Up to my surprise, I could get around 3 calls per day, and deal was made in less than 1 week! We should have put higher price tags if we knew the demand for a good 240 like this is actually high. My apology for some of you who called and emailed me personally to have the car; when it was already sold.

Enjoy the pictures~

on its last day, Saturday morning....

hahaha... I was 13 in this picture..

I guess this is 2004.. we were on the way from Perak to KL

treasure hunt 2006.. captured at Bukit Larut, Perak

i still remember this... 2007... on the way back from our favorite mamak stall in Tronoh!

treasure hunting..2007


haaa... in Ipoh, meetups with VOCM members (Gustav & Mark)

see how beautiful the engine bay was, and how young I was then~~

this one is captured while driving to Jusco Ipoh~ midnight movies yeah~

haaa... UTP's mosque

Bye-bye my road warrior, my 240!

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syafeek said...


I actually saw the ad in! I immediately knew it was your car and all sorts of questions came up my mind as to why you were selling it. Zhafri, I would have bought the Volvo myself if it weren't a manual! You know Zhafri, I got myself a 1980 Volvo 244 after being separated from my 940 for 7 months! I just can't stay away from them! Everytime a rwd volvo passes by I would stare at it until its gone! Ah well, putting sentiments aside, there will be times where you have to move on. i just hope that my "jodoh" with this Volvo will last at least for 5 years!

Best regards,
Syafiq a.k.a h4ntu