Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Let's Fix the Odometer!

Hi guys, this post will be a long one with pictures and instructions. The odometer stopped working; whereas I have changed one of the gear last 4 years until it stopped again now. Let's go straight from how to remove the cluster, open it, and replace the gear which always the culprit.

But before that, you might want to read my earlier post on check you should do if your odometer/speedometer does not function before opening-out the instrument cluster. OK straight to the steps;


A) Removing The Instrument Cluster

1)Remove the dimmer adjuster knob gently, it might be a little tight;

2) Likewise, remove the headlamp switch knob;

3) Gently slide off (towards you) the trim;

4) Pry off the black trim (behind the knobs);

5) Detach the black panel, just let it hang out, no need to detach the wires;

6) Pry off black trim around the clock;

7) Pry off the black trim below clock panel;

8) At RHS of the cluster, unscrew 2x Philips screws, and remove the black metal panel;

9) Likewise, at LHS of the instrument cluster, unscrew 2x Philips screws;

10) Then you are ready to slide-off the instrument cluster; don't be clumsy/rushing, take it off front 'front', using both hand on RHS & LHS of the cluster, and pull it forward gently; You may want to detach horn cover on the steering column (CAR WITH AIRBAG REQUIRE ADDITIONAL STEPS TO DETACH STEERING COVER);

11) From back end of the cluster, remove wires as mentioned in above pictures; again be gentle, it might be hard to detach especially for the first time; then you are ready to bring the cluster indoor...

to be continued...


mithun said...

Thanks for sharing, I will bookmark and be back again

Instrument Cluster

Jeff Bigler said...

How do you remove the protective socket that is clipped onto the back of the speedometer?

Ahmad Zhafri said...

Jeff Bigler,

That is a tricky part. It is actually pinned, form my experience, the protective socket will break when you try to remove it.

Put it back together again with "blu tack".

Mine broken when I removed it.